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  • DOXWOX is a free web meeting application. No credit card required.


- Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7
- Access to Internet

What is DoxWox

DOXWOX is a downloadable application that allows a person to host and attend online meetings, in which you can share and discuss, in real time , Power Point presentations and images in popular formats (.jpg, .tif, …).

You are in control of the whole process because you can see exactly when the required slide has been uploaded to each of the attendee’s computer; you can see who is watching your presentation and who’s switched to another window; and, finally, you can discuss it with your audience over the phone or via multiple VoIP services.

Have fun

Share and discuss online pictures from your recent vacations, weddings, celebrations and other memorable events! Your remote party will be impressed by the quality of the image and the speed of the upload.

Use Pointer tool to draw attention to something funny! Use Chat tool to send a personal comment. Enjoy, sharing live, your memories with your relatives and friends! DOXWOX is very easy to install and run. And remember: DOXWOX IS FREE!

Facilitate conference calls

DOXWOX challenges the traditional way of holding a telephone conference call, in which each of the participants has to independently turn the slides of the presentation, which were received by email.

Quite often, there is confusion about what page is being discussed and you can hear “What page are we at?”, “Where are we?” or other questions alike.

With DOXWOX you choose when and which slide to demonstrate, as you turn down the slide on your and other participant’s screen simultaneously. Forget about WhereAreWe’s!